How to pick the best dog bed?

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So finally you bought your cute puppy home? And obviously, you would not leave any stone unturned to provide it with the best comfort and environment. So, it’s time to make sure everything is perfect including a perfect bed for your new guest.

Having a bed for your dog is beneficial in more than one way. One you can take care of your health and hygiene by allowing your pet to sleep in a separate area. If your dog is one of those high-decibel snoring breeds giving them a separate bed and an area to sleep is the best option. Moreover, it’s healthy for your dog too. Giving them a specific spot like a bed to sleep makes it their habit and they don’t sleep on hard surfaces which can lead to dog arthritis.

But too many options around in the market make it difficult to choose the best. Let’s help you with some tips to choose the best dog bed.

Things to Consider

First, you need to make sure the bed you are choosing is of the correct size to accommodate your dog. If it gets too small, the dog may choose the floor to the bed and it may never be used.

You need to then see the material that the bed is made of. Make sure that the bed is chew proof. Select a dog bed that best suits your needs from a range of options such as outdoor or indoor, heated, car and travel beds, etc.

Next thing is to ensure that your dog bed is machine washable. Your dog is bound to get dirty and so will be the bed, so ensure that your dog bed can be easily cleaned and washed. Checking and sanitizing the bed from fleas is necessary too. So the dog bed should be able to facilitate it with ease.


Your dogs are the most endearing members of your family. Take Care of them. Keep them hale and hearty by providing them the best dog beds. And the gratitude that will follow from their part will be overwhelming.

Is Perth expensive?

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If you are planning to visit Perth, you might want to budget your trip beforehand. In comparison to other cities in Australia, Perth is not expensive: Sydney ranks as the 14th most expensive city in the world and Perth is way down at 49th.

According to multiple sources, if you are going to stay for a month accommodation in Perth, Western Australia you will need around AUD$1200 and AUD$1600 for food and activities you might want to do, like movies or clubbing. When it comes to renting, a one-bedroom apartment in the main part of the city costs roughly AUD$1400. You can save up to AUD$ 400 if you decide to stick around outside the central part of the city and pay AUD$ 1000. If you are planning to be away from the main part of Perth you might want to take transportation costs into account: Monthly bus passes are around AUD$40 and a daily ticket is AUD$10.80. If you are in a hurry you could take a taxi but remember the fare starts at AUD$3.90 and every kilometer you travel will cost you AUD$1.64. Overall, a monthly stay at Perth will cost you AUD$3500 at its most expensive. If you are frugal, you will spend around AUD$2000 or AUD$2500.

But remember, those numbers are for a whole month. If you want to take a little trip for a week, the numbers drastically decrease to $AUD1000, even if you go for the expensive options! If you want to do a quick escapade over the weekend, it is not going to cost you more than $AUD500.

It might sound expensive, but you pay for what you get: Perth is a beautiful city filled with diverse activities. You can visit the Fremantle Prison for a history lesson on Perth or you might want to check out The Bell Tower for a beautiful view of the city. You will have nothing to worry about there because Perth has an extremely low crime rate, as well!

3 Tips To Take Care Of Your Hair in The Summer

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It tends to be difficult to know precisely how to get sound hair amidst summer – particularly when another heatwave is purportedly seemingly within easy reach. Sweltering climate, chlorinated pools and salty ocean water would all be able to unleash ruin with your delegated wonder, bringing about dry lengths, harmed closes and dull, blurred shading (not perfect when you’ve quite recently forked out for a polished head of features!)

All in all, how would you keep your hair looking full, glossy and solid during the hottest months of the year? A couple of little changes to you ordinary routine can have a significant effect. We’ve requested that top specialists uncover their main must-attempt tips to see you through the mid year effortlessly.

1. Shield your hair from the sun

Truly, the facts demonstrate that UV beams can harm your hair just as your skin. A hair defender that contains UV channels will work simply like your sunscreen to shield strands from destructive beams, which can separate the structure of your hair, just as blur your shading.

“Our hair is primarily comprised of protein” clarifies Paul Windle, overseeing executive and organizer of Windle and Moodie. “Presentation to the sun separates this protein, leaving hair harmed and debilitated. Thus it’s imperative to utilize a hair SPF (otherwise called a HPF) for insurance.”

Applying one of these simple to-utilize items every day, regardless of whether in the city or on vacation, will keep you canvassed in all temperatures.

2. Attempt a hair cover

Like a supercharged form of your preferred conditioner, a great hair cover will recharge lost dampness and help overstretched hair to recover its quality and versatility, avoiding frayed finishes and breakage.  These are also sold by a hair dresser in brisbane rokstar salon.

“Hair veils are a profound molding treatment expected for use when the hair needs additional sustenance or revival” clarifies Pauline Hui, Beauty Testing Manager at the Good Housekeeping Institute. “They are typically applied onto wet hair and left on, to enable the item to retain before washing, albeit some can likewise be applied legitimately to dry hair.”

In addition, these summery scented recipes are a delight to use following a long, moist day.

3. Utilize the correct hair serum

Rising temperatures and expanded mugginess can leave any hair type bunched up and soft, and a decent hair serum is the quickest method to reestablish request.

“You will most likely discover you hair is more earnestly to oversee and frizzes effectively when you are in hotter climes” clarifies Anabel Kingsley, Trichologist at Philip Kingsley. “This is on the grounds that dampness in the air (for example mugginess) is commonly more prominent – and the more noteworthy the water substance of the air, the more probable it is that it will enter your hair shaft, hosing strands and making them wrinkle and frizz as they re-dry.”

The best hair serums will work to smooth frizz while at the same time including sparkle, making your hair look as solid as anyone might imagine. In addition, the present best choices accompany an entire host of included advantages, from shading ensuring fixings to sustaining actives and profound hydrating extricates.

Digitally evolved

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The fresh new Us

Three72 Digital, formally known as Benb Creative Studio, has been operating in Canberra since 2008. Now with four passionate and multi-talented professionals in the team, we are able to provide a more complete in-house visual communication service in web and print.

We are fortunate

Finding the right people to deliver the quality standards we expect is not easy. That’s why we consider ourselves very fortunate to now have four individuals with different, yet vital skill sets, enabling us to provide our clients with stronger graphic and web-based solutions.

The digital madness

Our team lives and breathes digital. In this day of age, it is reassuring to know that the people you will be working with at Three72 Digital are in the thick of all the digital madness.


  • Benjamin Brillante

    Director, Designer

    Ben is the heart behind our great looking websites and print works. He is a self-confessed perfectionist and a lover of all things new. Ben is always on the lookout for the latest trends and innovative ways to attract audiences to our products. With a degree in Bachelor of Graphic Design at University of Canberra, a 5 year background in Architecture and over 6 years designing and developing websites, Ben’s role in the team is indispensable.

    After work hours, you’d most likely find Ben at Latin parties. He is passionate about Latin dance and is a regular performer locally and interstate.