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Suspension Lift Kit


If you are an off-road enthusiast, the 4wd suspension lift kits Gold Coast is the perfect upgrade for your vehicle. This lift kit offers a complete suspension solution that will take your vehicle to the next level of performance. With its adjustable height and lift capabilities, you can customize your ride to match your specific needs.


The D Suspension Lift Kit includes everything you need to get started. It comes with four adjustable coil-over shocks, as well as four spring spacers that allow for up to three inches of additional lift depending on which model you choose. The kit also includes upper control arms, lower control arms and sway bar links for improved handling and stability while off-roading. Additionally, it has brake line extensions so that your brakes remain unaffected by the increased ride height of your vehicle after installation.


One of the biggest benefits of this suspension system is its ability to provide a smooth ride regardless of terrain or driving conditions. It will absorb bumps with ease and give you improved cornering capabilities thanks to its superior dampening characteristics compared to stock suspension systems. This means less stress on both driver and vehicle when taken off-road or over rough terrain—all without sacrificing comfort or safety in any way.


Benefits of Installing a lift kits


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Components of a lift kits


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D Suspension Lift Kit


When it comes to customizing your vehicle, there are a few modifications that offer as many aesthetic and performance benefits as a D Suspension Lift Kit. This type of lift kit is designed to raise the centre of gravity of your vehicle for improved handling, stability, and ride quality. It also gives the vehicle a more aggressive look by increasing ground clearance and improving off-road capabilities.


A D Suspension Lift Kit typically consists of components such as brackets, shocks, coil springs, sway bars, control arms and other hardware. Depending on the specific make and model of your vehicle you may need additional parts or components to complete the installation such as brake lines or steering stabilizers. 


The primary benefit of installing a D Suspension Lift Kit is improved off-road performance with increased ground clearance allowing you to navigate over larger obstacles without dragging on the underside or getting stuck in ruts. Additionally, with increased ride height comes an increase in suspension travel which allows for better articulation when traversing uneven terrain without compromising comfort levels inside the cabin. Improved traction is also achieved thanks to larger tires which provide superior grip in wet conditions while helping reduce body roll through hard cornering manoeuvres. 


Installation Steps for lift kits


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D Suspension Lift Kit


If you’re looking to add some serious height and attitude to your ride, then a D Suspension Lift Kit is the way to go. This kit will give your vehicle an aggressive look while also providing increased ground clearance and better handling. The main components of this kit include shock absorbers, coil springs, control arms, and lift blocks that are designed to work together in order to provide the maximum benefit.


Installing a D Suspension Lift Kit can be done by experienced DIY enthusiasts with the right tools, or it might be best left up to a professional if you don’t feel confident enough doing it yourself. The installation process involves removing existing components such as shocks and springs before replacing them with the new ones included in the kit. In addition, other parts such as control arms may need adjusting for optimal performance after installation is complete.


Once installed properly, a D Suspension Lift Kit can provide several benefits for your vehicle including increased ground clearance which allows you to drive over terrain that would normally be inaccessible due to low clearance vehicles like SUVs or trucks. Furthermore, this added height also gives you greater visibility of obstacles on the road ahead which can help drivers avoid collisions more easily than with regular suspension systems. 




In conclusion, 4WD suspension lift kits are an invaluable addition to any 4WD vehicle. They allow a driver to gain increased ground clearance, improved handling and performance, and the ability to tackle difficult off-road terrain. With so many options available on the market, there is sure to be a lift kit that suits your needs perfectly.


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